Lampwork class

Are you fascinated by the lampwork technique or beadmaking? Wonder if you have the ability to make glass beads or objects?

The aim of the beginner class is to teach you the basic tecniques and safety informations to start your own production of wonderful glass items.

Are you a novice that wants to expand or refine your skills?

The intermediate/advanced private course is built on your need. The aim is to improve your skills starting from your level.


Beginner lampwork class program will cover the following topics:
Safety and set-up
Suppliers list
Glass compounds and phisycal properties of glass
One color beads
Hand shaping of beads
Shaping beads with presses
Stringer control
Dots decoration (regular dots, poking, pulling and twisting dots)
Twisted stringers and wig-wag stringers
Murrine (making and using)
Students must be at least 18 years old.
Price includes all materials.
All your creations are yours to keep.

Options are:

Weekend class Fry-Sat-Sun 18 hours €700
20 hours (4 days) One on one class €680
40 hours (8 days) one on one class €1280
20 hours (4 days) class for 2 persons €600 each person
40 hours (8 days) class for 2 persons €1150 each person

Group classes
If you are a group from 3 to 10 people (same skills level) ask for a quotation for a group class.
This option is available on a minimum 6hours (1day)

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Ready to start? Then contact me to arrange a date that perfectly suits both of us!



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