• 2006 ”Expert in lampworking and glass beads making” at Abate Zanetti Glass School, Murano. Selected by a European Social Fund committee .
  • 2007 “Basic blowing technique at the torch” at Ibiscus Studio w/ Igor Balbi – Murano-
  • 2007 “Traditional Venetian glass beads technique” at Abate Zanetti Glass School- Murano-


  • 2007-today .Owner at Alessia Fuga. Art glass studio –Murano-
  • 2012-2016. Part of the faculty at Abate Zanetti Glass School-Murano- Lampworking and beadmaking teacher.
  • 2013  Collaboration with “Italians in the world” association as teacher and tutor for a class in “History, culture and technique of venetian glass beads”

Exhibits and recognitions :

September 11

Glass Together

Glass Together
“Glass Together” workshops and exhibition for The Venice Glass Week
September 9

Glass Together

Glass Together
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September 8

“Col Vero.. Se incontra” 2018

Alessia Fuga - Orchidea esposta in occasione della seconda edizione di "Col Vero.. Se Incontra"
Collective exhibit “Col Vero.. Se Incontra” 2019. Palazzo Da Mula. Murano
June 29

Giovani maestri 2018

Giovani maestri 2018
Exhibition and presentation “Giovani maestri 2018” at Palazzo Borgasio -Feltre- w/ FondoPlastico
May 18

A beadmaker’s journey

Perla realizzata durante la demo per GAS conference 2018
Performed “A beadmaker’s journey” as demo during the Glass Art Society annual conference -Murano-
May 16

Glass Art Society

Glass Art Society
Selected as demonstrating artist at the Glass Art Society annual conference May 16-19 –Murano-
December 23

A glass Christmas tree

“A glass Christmas tree” at Ca’ Vendramin (Venice Casinò) w/ 30141Murano (NonProfift institution).
November 29

The world in a bead

Il mondo in una perla
“The world in a bead” at Murano Glass Museum -Murano- contemporary selection.
September 10

Ten years into beadmaking

Alessia Fuga and Marisa Convento
“Ten years into beadmaking” at Marisa Convento’s Venetian Dreams
September 4

At the museum with contemporary glass masters

Alessia Fuga at the Glass Museum
Special event “At the museum with contemporary glass masters” w/ InMurano (NonProfit institution)
October 3

Murano today. Emotions in glass

Opera di Alessia Fuga esposta al Museo Del Vetro Di Murano
“Murano today. Emotions in glass” at Murano Glass Museum –Murano-
May 13

In glass we trust

In glass we trust
“In Glass We Trust” group exhibition At Balbi Art Glass-Venice-
November 2

Col vero.. se incontra

Mappaperla di Alessia Fuga in avorio
“Col vero.. se incontra” group exhibition at Palazzo da Mula-Murano- w/ 30141Murano
June 30

Design 20.14 contemporary jewellery

Special guest at “Design 20.14.Contemporary jewellery” w/ GioielloDentro
December 17

Winner Junior Murano prize 2013

Winner Junior Murano prize 2013
“Junior Murano prize 2013” winner lampwork section
March 11

Italians in the world

Italians in the world
Collaboration with “Italians in the world” association as teacher and tutor for a class in “History, culture and technique of venetian glass beads”
August 6

Small but Beautiful

pagine di Small but Beautiful
Selected and published on “Small but Beautiful.Best 40 International beadmakers” GlassLine Magazine special issue
May 9

Winner Murano Prize 2012

Winner Murano Prize 2012
“Murano Prize 2012” Winner lampwork section special prize Marin.
July 23

Young glass masters

Exhibition “Young glass masters” –Venice-
September 30

Bubbles of memory

Bolle di Memoria
Exhibition “Bubbles of memory” at Villa Erizzo-Mestre-