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A private 20hrs class (1 person) is a good compromise in term of time. We will have enough time to explain and demonstrate different tecniques and you still have the time to practice at the torch with me complitely focused on you, giving you tips and advices while you are working to optimize your learning process.

Usually a 20hrs class means 5 days, 4hr per day. Contact me if you have a different requirement. If you want to have a 40hrs class, please contact me to schedule it.

In a begginner private class we will start from the basics: we will see safety rules and how to safely set up your studio. We will see a complete list of suppliers (tested by myself troughout the years). We will move then from theory into full practice at the torch. From the round shape ahead to give you all you may need to start your own production.

Consider a couple of months of full practice at home before attending an intermediate class.

In an intermediate or advanced private class we will focus on you and we’ll build a program to totally fit your needs. Usually I ask potential students to send me some pictures of your work to evaluate toghether your level, understand your necessity and decide which skills and tecnique add to your knowledge.

Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions.


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