• 2006 ”Expert in lampworking and glass beads making” at Abate Zanetti Glass School, Murano. Selected by a European Social Fund committee .
  • 2007 “Basic blowing technique at the torch” at Ibiscus Studio w/ Igor Balbi – Murano-
  • 2007 “Traditional Venetian glass beads technique” at Abate Zanetti Glass School- Murano-


Work Experience

  • 2007-today .Owner at Alessia Fuga. Art glass studio –Murano-
  • 2012-2016. Part of the faculty at Abate Zanetti Glass School-Murano- Lampworking and beadmaking teacher.
  • 2013  Collaboration with “Italians in the world” association as teacher and tutor for a class in “History, culture and technique of venetian glass beads”


Exhibits and recognitions

  • June 2018 Exhibition and presentation “Giovani maestri 2018” at Palazzo Borgasio -Feltre- w/ FondoPlastico
  • 2018 May 18th Performed “A beadmaker’s journey” as demo during the Glass Art Society annual conference -Murano-
  • 2018 Selected as demonstrating artist at the Glass Art Society annual conference May 16-19 –Murano-
  • December 2017. “A glass Christmas tree” at Ca’ Vendramin (Venice Casinò) w/ 30141Murano (NonProfift institution).
  • November 2017-April 2018 “The world in a bead” at Murano Glass Museum -Murano- contemporary selection.
  • September 2017- “Ten years into beadmaking” at Marisa Convento’s Venetian Dreams
  • September 2017. Special event “At the museum with contemporary glass masters” w/ InMurano (NonProfit institution)
  • October 2016. “Murano today. Emotions in glass” at Murano Glass Museum –Murano-
  • June 2015 Exhibition “Vetro Riflesso” At Palazzo da Mula–Murano-
  • May 2015. “In Glass We Trust” group exhibition At Balbi Art Glass-Venice-
  • November 2014. “Col vero.. se incontra” group exhibition at Palazzo da Mula-Murano- w/ 30141Murano
  • June 2014. Special guest at “Design 20.14.Contemporary jewellery” w/ GioielloDentro
  • 2013 “Junior Murano prize 2013” winner lampwork section
  • 2012 “Murano Prize 2012” Winner lampwork section special prize Marin.
  • August 2012. Selected and published on “Small but Beautiful.Best 40 International beadmakers” GlassLine Magazine special issue
  • July 2008. Exhibition “Young glass masters” –Venice-
  • September 2006. Exhibition “Bubbles of memory” at Villa Erizzo-Mestre-