Alessia Fuga

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About Me

I’m Alessia Fuga and use the lampwork technique to create sculptures and unique pieces of glass jewelry. I also teach this precious and beautiful art in my studio in Murano. The kind of glass I use is the typical Murano glass….

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How I started:

It was 2006 when I discovered a new great passion and also an unexpected talent: I applied for a lampwork and beadmaking class and with so much surprise I was selected. Only one year later I opened my glass studio in Murano.I’ve spent the early years studying and improving my skills and this took me to achieve two important goals in 2012:
I have been included in the special issue of the GlassLine magazine “Small but Beautiful- Top 40 International beadmakers” and I also became part of the faculty of the Abate Zanetti glass school in Murano.Since the beginning I specialized in the creation of high quality beads with captivating and original designs…..

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Today my work is appreciated from collectors and beads enthusiastic from allover the world. They love the passion I put in my work and attention to every little detail.If you like to see my work or have more information about classes just contact me.