Giancarlo Signoretto, Glass Master

I would like to dedicate two words for Alessia Fuga, being both united by the passion for the same art: glass. Alessia is a girl who, with her great passion, manages to be original and to convey unique emotions. Her art passes from the heart to her hands, as if it were a single travel circuit, where her creations are recognized for her delicacy, but also for the study and research that Alessia makes use of. Her micro sculptures are very accurate in detail because, for Alessia, the difference and perfection are fundamental. You can see it in the way she communicates through two simple glass rods which, once melted with the help of a small flame, warm her art and make it unique. This is also thanks to her way of being: a humble and respectful artist who knows how to stay in her place. And her place is certainly the world of glass.

Igor Balbi, Glass Master

The best beadmaker in Murano