Art glass goblet in cobalt blue


Unique handmade goblet in Murano glass

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This goblet is made with cobalt blue effetre glass for cup and foot, the stem is decorated with an encased dots technique usually used to decorate bead. Working off mandrel require a lot more attention and precision when you still need control. Colors of the stem are blue, green and aqua.

The goblet is 16cm tall.

Cup and foot are opened by using the Balbi technique an extremely difficult technique but that allows you to create goblet at the torch. Usually the blown parts are shaped only by using the flame very carefully. The blown glass is so thin that is really easy to loose control on the piece .

As I always say to my students: it’s really easy to fall in love with glass, it’s such a great material and it offers you endless opportunity to learn and try new things.

50 g
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