Blown glass bead earrings Autunno


Murano glass

Lampwork blown glass beads

Stainless steel findings

Ink blue, topaz, orange, light green

Blown ink blue Murano glass bead earrings.

They are called Autunno i.e. Autumn because of its decoration: delicates leaves in shades of orange, topaz and a very light green.

But does this means you will wear them only in autumn? Absolutely not! They are perfect in every season!

Beads measures approx. 16mm in diameter.

Stainless steel metal findings.

The blown glass beads are made at the torch by using a small blowing tube, similar to the big ones used in the furnaces here in Murano.

Lampwork blown beads are one of the many kind of beads you can make at the torch. These special ones are made with a design on top that requires a lot of control to prevent the beads from cracking while you are making them.

All my Murano glass beads are made by me in my studio in Murano.




50 g
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