Decorated amethyst blown earrings


Pendant earrings in transparent amethyst Murano glass, blown and lampworked, decorated with a leaves.

The beauty and lightness of blown glass in these earrings is a treat for the eyes and a true joy to wear.

Handmade with transparent glass, blown to a size of about 1.5cm, and decorated with “vette” (thin hand-pulled glass rods, in mixed or monochrome colors) used as “brushes”, to create the leaf design.

The leaves are in shades from amethyst to rosè and topaz.

The lampwork blown glass technique is adopted from the technique used in the furnace. The tools used (blowing tube, scears and “ciapa baete”) look like the ones used in furnaces, only here all in a smaller size.

The blown glass technique requires great mastery of the glass in every step of the work and this is what makes it one of the flagships among the hot glass processing techniques.

40 g