Twist ink Fenice Murano Glass bead


A round shape and a rich beautiful ink color for this Fenice bead.

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If I told you this is one of my favorite beads, would it be enough to convince you? This Murano Glass bead has the intense colors of an enchanted sky.

The coloring is the result of the combination of periwinkle and ink blue. Everything is then enriched by the decoration with twisted dots which highlights the subtle brilliance of the base with its silver powder. The decoration is completed with submerged bubbles and small crystal dots.

My “Fenice” Murano Glass beads are totally handmade and their main feature is the color of the base, a metallic gray, obtained by oxidizing a silver leaf.

The bead is approximately 3cm in diameter.

Please notice all my creations are subjected to a correct cooling cycle to guarantee the solidity of the piece.

The colours may differ from the originals due to the different monitor settings.

30 g
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