Murano glass necklace Afrodite blue


Murano glass necklace in blue with large focal bead and blown glass tubes.

Murano glass necklace with blown glass bead and a focal lampwork “Fenice” bead.

The main color in this necklace is blue.

The blown tubes are blown at the torch with a small blowpipe, a small version of the traditiolan blowing pipes used in the furnaces here in Murano.

The focal bead is one of my Fenice bead whose main characteristic is the base covered with and then decorated oxidized silver leaf. This one is then decorated with blue and ivory dots.

I also love that the color of the Fenice beads changes over the time, as other silver objects, they keep reacting with the air and the touch of our skin and the oxidation keep going.  in this way the color of the bead becomes also a reminder of the time spent with you.

The focal bead is approx. 4cm in lenght and the blown tubes are approx. 10cm in lenght.

I remind you that all my glass creations are handmade, by me, in my Murano studio and are subjected to a correct cooling cycle to increase their stability.

To create my pieces I use the lampwork technique: the one where you use a flame to melt a glass rod.

With the lampwork technique you can make objects, sculptures and jewelry.

Colours may slightly differ due to different monitor settings.


140 g