Green fenice


Lampworked Murano glass bead in green. The bead is setted on a steel pin and it comes with a steel chain.

This handmade Murano glass bead is shaped freehand without the use of molds, only by moving and turning the hot glass. It is part of the family of my Fenice beads whose main characteristic is the metallic effect of the base. This particular color is the result of a personal technique developed through several years of practice  and it is given off by oxidizing a silver leaf on the hot glass base. A dot decoration is then added to the base. I like to create unique pieces or limited series and this specific technique allows the person who will wear the jewel to have an absolutely unique object thanks to the oxidation reaction that his specific skin pH will give to the bead  over the years.

The bead measures approximately 1.5cm in diameter

The stainless steel chain has a length of 46cm with 5cm of extender chain.

The lampworked beads are created one by one at the fire of a torch which is used to soften the glass rods, and allow the glass master to create something new and unique from them. At the end of the production, the piece is placed in a kiln, called muffola, to control at best the cooling down of the glass, to give the object strength and stability.

50 g
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