Amethyst Blown Murano Glass Earrings


Handmade Amethyst Blown Murano Glass dangle earrings – hand made by Alessia Fuga – Made in Italy

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Handmade amethyst blown Murano glass dangle earrings.

The Glass beads are about 12mm in diameter and the hook measures 15mm.

The Murano Glass blown beads of these earrings are created with the lamp-blowing technique that reproduces, in a small way, the technique of blowing in the furnace. Melted glass is placed on the tip of a steel tube, the blow pipe, and blown to create an air bubble inside. After the first bubble is created you continue with precise movements and other puffs until you reach the desired size and shape.

You might think that making small beads like these is simple to do, but they are among those that require more mastery because of the amount of glass they are made of. A small amount of glass heats up earlier but also cools down faster.

The ear hooks are made of steel to ensure durability and comfort.

I remind you that all my glass creations are handmade, by me, in my Murano studio and are subjected to a correct cooling cycle to increase their stability.

Blown beads re approx. 12mm in diameter and stainless steel hooks re 15mm in lenght.


50 g
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