Murano glass disc beads necklace in red, topaz and orange.


[:it]Collana media lunghezza con perle in vetro di Murano in belle e vivaci tonalità di rosso, arancio, marrone e topazio.[:en]Murano glass bead medium lenght necklace in vibrant shades of red, yellow, brown, orange and topaz.[:]

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Ironic and iconic medium lenght necklace.

Simple forms and vivid colors in this Murano glass beads set. Each disc is made one by one in a different in coral, red, brown, yellow and topaz.

Diameter of discs vary from 1cm to 1,5cm and the necklace total lenght is 51cm.

All my glass creations are made by me in my studio in Murano. The technique I use is the lampwork technique in wich we use a flame to melt glass rods and the shape the glass into sculptures, objects or glass beads.

Colors may slightly vary due to different monitor settings.

100 g