New Fantasia Murano glass necklace s


A lampwork Murano glass beads crew-neck necklace in shades of red/purple/pink and grey quartz spacers.

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A new version of my iconic Fantasia Murano lampwork glass beads crew-neck necklace.

Each bead is decorated in a unique way in design or color and measures approx. 14mm in diameter.

In this necklace you can find colors from red to violet and pink, orange and coral.
The vibrant glass colors are balanced by the small round grey quartz spacers. These little grey accents will allow you to wear this necklace on an uncounted number of outfits.

The necklace is 48cm in lenght.

All the beads are encased in clear. With the encasing technique we cover the base with a layer if transparent glass. We can encase a bead to protect the design as it is or we can use it to distort the disign and create a different effect.

All my glass creations are made with Effetre glass and properly kiln annealed to guarantee strenght and durability.

Colors may slightly vary on different monitors and in different lighting conditions.

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