Lagoon green Stellato fenice ring


Ring with lampworked Murano glass top, decorated with lagoon green dots and high quality stainless steel metal base.

The glass top is decorated with the same technique that I use for my Fenice beads: a silver leaf is wrapped around hot glass and then oxidized until it becomes a whole thing with the base. Then a dot decoration is added to the base, to create a unique design. Once the decoration is done, the glass is placed inside an kiln, called muffola, to control the cooling down, gradually taking it up to room temperature. This final stage of the work is important to give the glass as much time as possible to stabilize and avoid the exacerbation of tensions that could compromise the final quality of the piece.

The workmanship of this ring is further enriched by a steel base, handcrafted, the result of collaboration with an expert Spanish metal craftsman.

The metal base is adjustable in width, so you can easily adapt the size to your finger. Unlike other metal bases for rings, here the open part is perfectly hidden, and that gives the ring a refined, elegant and contemporary look.

50 g