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Important lampworked Murano glass bead.

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Important lampworked Murano glass bead.

This bead, from the family of my Fenice glass beads, with important dimensions, in fact measuring more than 10cm in length for a diameter of 2.5cm at its widest point, is created by hand with the lampworking technique.

The lampwork is the glass technique that allows us to work the glass thanks to the flame of a torch. The limit that this type of processing can have is to create glass objects of limited dimensions. But with skill and knowledge of the technique this limit can be overcome. More and more contemporary artists, who use lampworking, are taking on the challenge of creating glass objects of unusual dimensions.

Many of my Fenice beads are born exactly according to this spirit: pushing the technique of working the beads to the limit, to overcome it and create unique glass pieces that amaze and make you fall in love with them.

The beads of my Fenice collection are characterized by the particular color of the base, obtained from the oxidation of a silver leaf, which covers the glass, and on which the decoration is then created.

In this case the glass bead is decorated with ivory and beige points to create a spiral theme.

The bead is mounted on a necklace with hematite beads and the total length is 77cm

This bead was born to celebrate the two years since my demonstration during the annual conference of the Glass Art Society, held in Murano in May 2018.

Those days are still printed in my mind and to date one of the most satisfying moments of my career.

As always, I remind you that my glass creations are heated in the kiln to guarantee their durability. In addition, the colors may vary slightly for the different settings of your monitor.

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