October 2014 has seen the realization of the collective exposition “30141 Murano Col vero.. se incontra”  something between “meet the glass” and “what is compatible with glass”. The exhibition has taken place in the beautiful main room of Palazzo da Mula, the Murano city hall,and have seen the works of 30 Murano glass masters. 30 different styles and techniques and in there was also a piece made by me.
Two pieces to be truth, a necklace and one of my “Mappaperla”. Both representative of my “Fenice” design, both pieces made of glass beads.
The lampwork technique still be considered a sort of Cinderella in the world of glassworks by Murano masters, and beadmaking is considered less more, something too easy to be considered art. I do not know why it’s still in this way in Murano, but I’m seriously happy that in the rest of the world glass beads are considered for what they are: real little works of art!
So I’m proudly here to show you my Mappaperla and Fenice necklace in ivory color.
Once again I’ve tried to reach the maximum control on glass, shape and design. When you decide to make a glass bead that goes over the usual use of a glass bead, like the Mappaperla does, you have to show all your skills on control the heating and cooling the glass, and precision of hand movement. And, as I always say to my students, you have to pay a lot of attenction on keeping the piece warm enough from the beginning to the end of the work.

But, going beyond the technique, what I hope is to have realized a piece that may catch the attention and curiosity of people that look at it and to have honored the beauty of glass.


Mappaperla and Fenice necklace in ivory Photo by Francesca Bucella


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