The slow food movement is an organization born in the mid 80’s to promote the culture of food in contrast to the increase of the fast food restaurants. Their idea is that we need to come back at the time when choosing our food, cooking and then eating it, was a pleasure.

In the same way I feel I’m carrying on my glass work in the “slow beads” way.

As I mentioned in a previous post : is not a secret that in Venice and Murano glass shops are filled with thousands of pieces of imported glass. Many of them, if I can say, are also relatively rough. and to me is a sort of glass abuse. Do you know if exist a committee to save glass to be transformed in a ugly and unloved piece? 😉

When I sit at the torch, in every step of the work, I feel like I’m in a religious process to the revealed truth that will be the finished piece.

I light the torch. I hear at its noise. I look at the glass rods. I try to catch the suggestion the colors are giving me. And I start. I feel my muscles in every movement, in every turn of my fingers. I let my eyes guide my hands. I start to dance with the fire.

I like to make things that are recognizable, unique. I like people to know that in every beads they will find a little piece of me.

At this time is 7 years that I’m opened my studio so it’s becoming a little bit harder, but in the beginning I used to remember every single person that bought every single bead.

And it’s true that probably this method doesn’t have been the more economically convenient, and it’s true that neither it have been the easier, but it’s the way I have chosen to make things:

With love.


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